Where we are

How to reach us

The Hotel Tassoni is located in Alba Adriatica in Abruzzo on the Marconi Seafront, 28. Free shuttle service (minimum 2 persons) for Giulianova, Alba Adriatica and San Benedetto stations and to the Airports of Pescara and Ancona - Falconara.

BY PLANE: International Airport “r. Sanzio” in Ancona – Falconara ( 100 km); International Airport of Abruzzo in Pescara ( 70 km).
BY TRAIN: an Benedetto del Tronto ( 15 Km - Intercity, Eurostar) train station; Giulianova ( 10 Km - Intercity, Eurostar) train station; Alba Adriatica (Locali) train station. See also Trenitalia Official Website www.trenitalia.com
BY CAR: A14 highway, Val Vibrata exit. See also Autostrade Official Website www.autostrade.it